Mattress anti-dumping is coming to Southeast Asia? 1000% in Vietnam and 773% in Thailand


2020/03/01-- seven mattress manufacturers and two unions representing U.S. mattress production workers announced that they had filed seven anti-dumping and one anti-subsidy tax applications with the U.S. Department of Commerce, allegations from eight The country ’s unfair trade in imported mattresses has caused “substantial harm” to the US mattress industry.

 In addition, the petitioner also filed a countervailing investigation application for mattresses imported from China.

The mattress manufacturers and associations applying for anti-dumping and anti-subsidy applications are:

Brooklyn Bedding (Brooklyn Bedding Company)

Corsicana Mattress Co.

Elite Comfort Solutions (elite comfort solutions company, Leggett)

FXI Corporation

Innocor (same company as FXI)

Kolcraft Enterprise

Leggett & Platt

The two major labor unions are: Teamsters Union (United Truckers Union) and United Steelworkers (United Steelworkers Union).

Borrowing from Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia,

Also be careful?

Since the beginning of anti-dumping / anti-subsidy investigations on Chinese mattress exports in 2018, more and more companies have begun to export to Europe and the United States through Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. Furniture Today's data also shows that Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries have experienced significant growth in exports.

 But this situation did not last long. The United States has noticed a surge in mattresses and other products from Vietnam, and is aware that many are from the Chinese market. Some businessmen also reminded that Vietnam also faces certain uncertainties.

Today, some companies “reacted” and began to fight back, bringing countervailing / anti-dumping tricks to Southeast Asian countries. In this determination of dumping margins in 7 countries, Vietnam also reached the highest 1008.28%, which is a dumping margin 10 times lower than the market price.

Of course, China has not been able to avoid it, but it is only a "counter-subsidy investigation" against Chinese companies.

At present, many leading enterprises including Xilinmen, KUKA Home Furnishing, Manwah Holdings, etc. have already deployed in Southeast Asia, while Mlily is in Serbia.

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